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Seven For All Mankind introduces Foolproof denim innovation

By Sara Ehlers


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Seven For All Mankind recently just incorporated a new type of denim for their brand. The new product aims in adding stability through its innovative new type of denim entitled Foolproof.

In order to create this new genre of denim, Seven For All Mankind designed a new pair of high-performance jeans. The new jeans are made from 89 percent cotton and 11 percent stretch fibers. The company designed these jeans in order to create the perfect jeans that would not change or shrink no matter how many vigorous washes the denim goes through. The company decided to create this fresh pair of jeans to add a new element to their denim by making it impervious to wear and tear. “We were pretty much trying to make the most stable denim fabric in the world,” Steven Romero, men’s denim designer of the brand, told WWD. The new assortment of these unchangeable jeans will be available in three different styles including the Slimmy, the Straight, and the Paxtyn. The jeans are also available in three different finishes including Alpha, Tribute, and Classic Indigo. The jeans will retail from 198 to 218 dollars in price.

The Los Angeles-based company was launched in the fall of 2000. Known for its high-quality denim, the brand brought premium jeans into the SoCal area. The company expands beyond jeans and also offers sportswear, menswear, children’s clothing, footwear, and accessories. The international brand has over 100 retail locations available in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The brand is currently sold online, at brick and mortar stores, and also at luxury department stores throughout the world.

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Seven For All Mankind