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The Best-Selling Jeans from 9 Top Denim Brands

By FashionUnited


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Denim jeans: a beloved item in most wardrobes. However, preferences for the fit, color and finish differ per person, which raises the question: Which is the best-selling denim jean model? FashionUnited asked nine top denim brands.

Closed - Pedal Pusher

Anyone who thinks that the mailman can’t be a source of inspiration in fashion is wrong. The Pedal Pusher model from Closed is based on the uniform of a mailman. The jeans have distinct pockets with an angle of 33 degrees incorporated in the design so that hands can easily fit into the pockets, even if the jeans are stretched.

38 million pairs of the Pedal Pusher style have been sold since being launched in 1980. The jeans have also been spotted on celebrities like supermodel Karlie Kloss and Sarah Jessica Parker, who wears the jeans in the second Sex and the City movie.

"Made from 22 separate parts, the Pedal Pusher is just as impressive today as the day it was first made. As the best selling jeans from Closed, it opened the first chapter of the brand's history; 38 years later, the Pedal Pusher still leads the future of the brand," the brand told FashionUnited.


One of the best known jeans model in the world is arguably the Levi's 501. The model has been on the market for 145 years, officially introduced in 1873 as the 501 Day original button fly denim jeans. Due of the age of the model, Levi Strauss & Co are unable to state how many pairs have been sold or whether this model is the most sold denim model in company’s history. Although there have been some suspicions, the company does not want to venture on an estimate.

In 1906, Levi Strauss & Co lost all the archives it had created, including information on its 501 jeans, in an earthquake and fire, according to Levi's. It is not be confirmed that this model is the most sold, and the brand can not and does not want give a statement to FashionUnited, but the jeans’ legendary name is still intact.

Photo: Levi's 501, via Levi's

G-Star RAW - G-Star Elwood

G-Star Raw introduced the G-Star Elwood model for the first time in 1996. The model became the first pair of jeans constructed using a 3D approach. The construction is adapted to body shapes of the wearer using rotating pipes, extra seams and a selected finish. Up until that point, jeans were treated as a flat garment. With 3D denim, the body's unique forms were considered for the first time in the denim industry. To date, more than 20 million pairs have been sold, the brand reports after written inquiries from FashionUnited.

The latest version of the Elwood is the G-Star Elwood RFTPi and it is most sustainable jeans in the brand’s history. The Elwood is also a popular design with creative director Pharrell Williams who has several pairs of the jeans.

Photo:G-Star Raw RFTPi, via G-Star Raw website

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'Thommer' is Diesel's the best selling model denim model across the globe. The slim/skinny model was introduced in the Spring Summer 2017 collection.

Photo: Diesel Thommer, via Diesel Website


The Wrangler men's collection holds two favorites, the 'Greensboro' and 'Larston', which are both its best-selling jeans models. The first is a straight-fit that is slightly more narrow with a normal waistline, the latter a slim-tapered jeans with a 5-pocket design. Among women, the best-selling models are the 'Retro Straight', derived from the 'iconic Wrangler DNA', and 'Skinny Jeans', comfortable stretch skinny jeans.

Photo: Wrangler Greensboro via Zalando website


At Denham the Jeanmaker, the model 'Razor,' introduced into its assortment this past November, has become its best-selling model in the men's collection. For women, the 'Spray' model from its November 2014 collection is the most popular.

Photo: Denham the Jeanmaker Razor, via Denham website


At Lee, there is no 'most' popular style when it comes to the best-selling models, according to the company. The ladies 'Scarlett Jeans' is very popular however because of the 'versatile fit and is suitable for all women'. In the men’s collection the 'Slim Rider' and the 'Luke' are the top-sellers.

Photo: Lee Scarlett Jeans, via Zalando website

Kings of Indigo

The men's model 'John' is not only the best-selling model in the men's collection of the Dutch brand Kings of Indigo, but also the model that lasts the longest. With the ladies, the 'Kimberley,' a smart model with a high rise, is best sold with the durable denim label.

Photo:Kings of Indigo John, via Kings of Indigo website

Pepe Jeans London

At Pepe Jeans London, the best-selling jeans are the never-out-of-stock models 'Soho,' for the women, and 'Cash,' for the men.

Photo:Pepe Jeans London Cash, via Pepe Jeans website

FashionUnited NL collected the information by means of written questions to denim brands and PR agencies representing the brands.

This article was previously published on FashionUnited.nl. Translated and edited by Kelly Press

Main photo: Closed, Pedal Pusher, via Facebook

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