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The Fashion Pact announces 24 new signatories

By Robyn Turk


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The Fashion Pact met for its first working meeting last week after 32 brands originally joined the coalition for a more sustainable fashion industry in August. Comprised of a diverse group of fashion and textile companies, the Fashion Pact is a pledge to work towards sustainable goals in climate, biodiversity and oceans.

The coalition announced 24 new signatories following its recent meeting, bringing its total signatory count to 56 and number of brands involved to around 250.

New companies to the Fashion Pact include Bally, Calzedonia Group, Farfetch, Figaret, Gant, Mango and The Visuality Corporation.

At its working meeting, members of the Fashion Pact discussed the group's governance and organization. The coalition decided that it will share an initial progress report in September 2020.

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