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The Mango Group to launch new sustainable brand, Alter Made

By Rachel Douglass

Sep. 27, 2021


Image: Alter Made

Spanish retail company, The Mango Group has announced it will be launching a new sustainable brand Alter Made, set to release online in select European countries as an independent addition to the firm.

The Alter Made concept centres around conscious consumption and well-being, with a number of sustainable and ethical initiatives that further the label and group’s commitment to the eco-side of the industry. Its development was triggered by consumer demand for responsible consumption, according to the group.

Items to be in the collections are described as “durable, timeless, high-quality pieces with sustainable characteristics”, as suggested in the release. The retailer plans to use a short-run production strategy as a way to minimise surplus, as part of the collection properties.

Local production will also be one of the main attributes of the collection, with garments to be produced in Europe and Turkey, and suppliers selected according to expertise and traceability control. Fabrics and raw materials will be examined according to certifications for both sustainability and quality.

Global sustainability strategy

Mango’s CEO, Toni Ruiz, said on the launch: “Alter Made is a different value bet of the Mango Group that is aimed at a specific audience that seeks to consume responsibly. Our goal is to accompany this trend while learning and testing new ways of working which will allow us to advance in our global sustainability strategy.”

Ruiz further added that the underlying objective of the launch is “for the brand to invoice 25 million euros in three years”.

Alter Made will be directed by Mango’s Alejandra Mur, who has been with the group for 15 years, and will work in an international team of 12, each bringing different responsibilities and experiences to the table.

“For us, this path that we are now beginning is an exciting challenge,” said Mur. “In society, there is a growing demand for collections that help to consume fashion responsibly and that is our main objective. Create quality garments, very careful, made in proximity and that have a long life.”

He added: “To achieve this, it is important to focus on all the details of the garments, as well as on the partners with whom we are going to work. We are going to produce where they know how to make each product best, the origin of each garment will be marked by mastery.”

Set to launch in early November, the brand’s online site will be available throughout Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands on its own official website.