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Trend analyst Christine Boland on SS22: “People who are limited, will become creative”

By FashionUnited

Feb. 1, 2021

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Everyone is in need of a dose of inspiration and positivity, as the chat during Christine Boland's webinar proved. The trend analyst outlined the trends for the SS22 season in an analysis called 'Soulful Solutions'. “People wonder how they remain relevant in these turbulent times. It's important to provide meaningful answers to this question," said the analyst.

Turbulent times: a pandemic, polarization, a phygital world, paradigm shifts. These are some of the principles on which the current uncertainty in the world is based. Fortunately, there are also positive comments and opportunities that lie ahead, according to Boland's webinar. First of all, a prediction that makes the undersigned very happy: a second roaring twenties. It has been buzzing around in the media for a while, will the end of the pandemic usher in a new time for partying and debauchery? “When we can go to a restaurant or go out again, you can count on those high heels coming out of the closet,” says Boland. “It is an expression of tension and frustration. We will dress up when the weather is possible. ” With this prediction, she joins other trend forecasters and analysts.

As always, Boland first sketches the world we live in. The pandemic has greatly amplified several shifts that were already underway. Such is the shift to a phygital world with all the work from home, zoom meetings and webinars accelerated enormously. "Everyone is finding their way in the online world." She also sees that the pandemic limits people, but people who are limited become creative. “We look at what is possible and improve what is possible. That is why, among other things, everyone started working on his or her house. ” Another thing that cannot be ignored is the enormous polarization in the world. Just look at the events of the storming of the United States Capitol. “The polarization ensures that people are looking for guidance in extremes. Somehow that energy simply has to be released. ”

Photo credit: Viktor & Rolf

Image: Lady Gaga in Iris van Herpen, via Spice PR

Creativity is rampant in SS22 according to trend analyst Christine Boland

The current state of the world causes four movements and / or trends, according to the webinar. 'Value the true essence', 'liberate the increasing discontent', 'imagine a speculative new world' and 'connect to natural intelligence' . These four design languages, as Boland likes to call the movements rather than trends, take place simultaneously. Although these four seem very different from each other, there are also similarities.

For example, it is striking that the colors green and purple are far from disappearing. However, green comes back in several forms. In reference to nature, but also in reference to hygiene, such as the clothing of medical personnel. Purple, in a deep dark variety, but also in lilac, also keeps coming back. The Boland color palette that emerges for the SS22 season is in any case very bright and at times quite intense. Especially the color combinations that are made are anything but classic. "It can bite each other."

Top image: Versace SS21, Catwalkpictures.com. Bottom image: Valentino SS21, Catwalkpictures.com.

SS22 according to Christine Boland: “We will dress up when the weather allows”

The four design languages that Boland spots for the SS22 season are very diverse. One focuses on the classics, 'less but better', the other on a mix of art forms and collages, with a focus on nature, both surrealistic and the knowledge of nature. So there is something for everyone, but as the trend analyst already indicated, creativity is rampant. Several broad outlines can be drawn from the webinar: the desire for craft and handicrafts, enlarged shapes and sculptural elements, super graphic designs and the omnipresent need for a hygienic world. For the image thinkers among us: think of large ruffles, fringes, transparent fabrics, all-over typography, collages, working with residual materials and braided leather. A lot to process. As always, Boland's advice is: “View these trends and determine what suits you as a company. Take it all in and see what sticks. This is the design language you have to work with for your brand."

Top: Fendi SS21, Catwalkpictures.com. Middle: Patou SS21, Catwalkpictures.com. Bottom: Elie Saab SS21, Catwalkpictures.com

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.NL, translated and edited to English by Kelly Press.

Main image: Balmain SS21, Catwalkpictures.com