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Trends: What will be in store for fall/winter 2019

By Celine Vautard

Aug 14, 2019


FashionUnited brings you an overview of the key trends that will be in stores this fall / winter 2019 season. A ‘best of’ for retailers in need of a little inspiration, for restocking or for updating their window displays.

1. Neo-bourgeois

Jacket over the shoulders, a collar, a hat, a small bag... almost all the details that Hedi Slimane put in his collection for Celine are there. We journey back to the late 1970s and the early 80s, with a wardrobe reminiscent of the Paris Left Bank, with chic and practical outfits, including chequered culottes, white blouses, printed scarves, black blazers and riding boots up to the knees. A style that will leave its mark on fall fashion this year.

Images : Zara (l) - Celine (r)

2. Houndstooth and Tartan

As a total look or only accessories, large or small checks in houndstooth, tartan or Scottish pattern... When it comes to checks, anything goes this winter. Dior is setting the tone for this trend, which will be widely taken up by fashion retailers. Be bold and make unexpected combinations between Scottish checks and flower prints that bring a touch of modernity to this ultra-classic fabric.

Images : Chanel (l) - Dior (2xr)

3. Bright colours

They are making their presence felt in many fashion shows and bring some ‘oomph’ to the wardrobe. Dare to buy these strong coloured items (dresses, coats, trousers) which come in a variation of bright shades like purple, carmine red, ‘Klein’ blue and even neon yellow. It’s a theme for trendier shops that have the clientele to match.

Images : Zara (l) - Jacquemus - Christian Wijnants (r)

4. Grunge is not dead

Winter 2019 seems strongly inspired by the grunge myth and its messiah: Kurt Cobain. A comeback that makes sense in the fashion cycle. It has been a quarter of a century since the look was born. Today it is reasserting itself, updated in line with contemporary taste by the artistic directors of the big luxury brands who lived its beginnings and who are now introducing it to a new generation. These items will need to be mixed in the window displays to achieve this skilfully neglected allure.

Images : R13 (l) - Coach1941 (r)

5 Gothic

Seen at Saint Laurent, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, the ‘goth’ trend returns to centre stage. Black and more black but in many different materials: leather, lace, denim but also in small touches thanks to accessories (belts, bags, shoes) including makeup to assert an understated look that might become a bit ‘too subdued’ for some.

Images : Louis Vuitton (l) - Dr. Martens - Zara (r)

6. Oversized shoulders

Back in the 1980s with a very structured silhouette. In this very empowering wardrobe, jackets, coats and other tops are worn with a very shouldered build. Oversized, very square, this woman is the boss and we should do as she says.

Images : Isabel Marant (l) - Givenchy - Saint Laurent (r)

7. Leopard print (again!)

It has persisted and led the way for many seasons now. The animal print has become a staple of female wardrobes, just like the colour black has. From luxury brands to creators and low-priced brands, no shop is immune and you should absolutely have to have it in stock as well.

Images : Berschka (l) - Saint Laurent - Jacquemus (r)

8. New Western

Already present this summer, the Western trend is again confirmed for winter 2019 but also continues in the Resort 2020 collections. Spotted at Louis Vuitton, Paco Rabanne, Balmain and Gucci, the look takes shape with fringes, hats, short suede jackets, bolo ties, big belts and Western boots…

Images : Isabel Marant (l) - Mango - Zara (r)

9. Mother-of-pearl and pearl jewellery

This is the chic and trendy accessory of the moment. In concept stores or fashion shops, jewellery brands that offer its neo grey-grey are on the rise just like Pascale Monvoisin. The fast fashion brands already have their versions at low prices in store.

Images : Mango (l) - Pascale Monvoisin (r)

This article was previously published on FashionUnited.fr and translated in English

All images through brand websites or press agencies

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