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Trendstop Fall/Winter 2023-24 Men’s Catwalk Materials

By Trendstop


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Trendstop brings FashionUnited readers an insight into the emerging Fall Winter 2023-24 material directions.

Materials apply an eco approach to design and construction, introducing sustainability across categories, from sports and tech to leather and wovens. Sleek and shiny virgin fabrics are eschewed in favor of recycling and upcycling with a pre-loved feel. Natural fibers replace synthetics, and a responsible design ethos is built in.

Natural Sports Fabrics

Natural Sports Fabrics provide a modern fusion of sports innovation and eco-responsibility. Not compromising on style, activewear is elevated by eco-inspired finishes in an earth-toned colour palette, lending garments a sophisticated aesthetic. Fabrications are lightweight, made from recycled fibres and softened plisse for a soft, textural appearance. High-tech materials are lightweight yet durable and made to last. A responsible design ethos supports multifunctional uses taking performance sportswear into the everyday lifestyle sector.

Reclaimed Suede

Reclaimed Suede’s worn-in and distressed aesthetic captures waste-less consumer mindsets by harnessing remaking and recycling philosophies. A weathered appearance toughens up suede’s naturally soft state creating a robust material for impactful outwear. Raw and urban tones give the fabric a rugged yet comforting and timeless appeal. Hand-beaten textures celebrate the pre-loved aesthetic with additional grunge appeal for a youth market.

Tufted Textures

Concentrated textile placements remade from loose threads and fabric off-cuts create a formal take on upcycled materials. Tactile surface designs embrace the imperfections of discarded materials with raw edges, frayed tufts, and wispy stray threads. Curated positioning of tufted textures refines the aesthetic, delivering a high-quality finished garment. Imbued with the sentiment of reusing deadstock materials, these fabrics are relevant for an age of eco-consumerism.

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