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Trendstop Fall/Winter 2023-24 Men’s Catwalk Themes

By Trendstop


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Trendstop brings FashionUnited readers a first look at the key themes emerging from the Fall Winter 2023-24 runway collections.

Across the Fall collections, sustainability underscored many of the key messages and themes of the season. Whether tapping into the rebellious spirit of Gen Z or the contemporary consumer’s desire for comfort and performance, sustainability came through in looks that incorporated DIY upcycling, pre-loved vintage revivals, and versatile, multi-wear technical fashion hybrids.

Neo Punk heralds the revival of 1970’s punk and its anti-establishment ethos as young consumers protest and rebel against modern global systems. Encompassing Gen Z’s interest in recycling and upcycling and the DIY aesthetics of the original movement, garments are haphazardly hand stitched, patched together, distressed, and customized with protest-inspired graphics or meaningful slogan. Whilst gender-fluid styles and unexpected silhouettes rebel against traditional masculine codes.

The worlds of performance sports and fashion merge as consumers demand more from the products they buy and look for items that work across multiple lifestyle aspects. Technical materials and functional elements are merged with fashion colors and finishes. Garments incorporate subtle high-performance qualities with a softer aesthetic, offering and easy hybrid versatility and everyday wear possibilities.

Favourite vintage pieces are rewon and restyled, creatively reusing items or upcycled elements to fashion new contemporary looks. Worn knits and jerseys offer a comforting sense of nostalgia as well as a pre-loved softness. Remade into modern silhouettes or paired with modern technical materials and accessories, a mix and match approach offers interesting pattern and color play.

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