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Trendstop Fall/Winter 2023-24 Women’s Catwalk Color

By Trendstop


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Trendstop brings FashionUnited readers a first look at the key womenswear color directions emerging from the Fall Winter 2023-24 runway collections.

The Fall 2023 color palette offers a contemporary reworking of natural tones. Botanical and earthy hues are reconsidered through the lens of a changing world, showing reverence for the environment whilst providing subtle commentary on human interactions in the real and virtual worlds.

Eco Apricot

Taking its cue from its natural origin, Eco Apricot offers a gentle richness and ripeness of color that offers an eco-positive update to fashion neutrals. Warming hues of yellow and orange are worn head-to-toe bringing a statement sensibility to soft tonal effects. Sunlit undertones add a dynamic glow to a range of material weights, from layered knit separates and sustainably dyed denim, to elegant flyaway sheers.

Polluted Mushroom Tones

Highlighting consumer’s growing awareness of human’s impact on the natural world, fungi-inspired browns become polluted by dark and murky washes. Grey undertones and smudged, blackened surfaces reference the state of the environment, literally and metaphorically adding depth to earthy toned wools and denims. Applied to youth-led casuals, Polluted Mushroom Tones connects with current climate conscious Gen Z mindsets.

Meta Jade

Meta Jade bridges the gap between the digital and physical realms. The hyper-real hue takes inspiration from real-world environs and the artificial nature of the metaverse. The calmness and longevity associated with green tones are uplifted with a verdant virtual pop that makes a statement as an all-over look or allows digitised print designs to be illuminated against dark backdrops.

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