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WGSN and Coloro unveil key colours for AW25/26 season

By Esmee Blaazer


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(left to right) University of Westminster SS24 Menswear, Emporio Armani SS24 Ready to Wear & Lie SS24 Ready to Wear, die die WGSN und Coloros FW 25/26 Trendfarben Cherry Lacquer, Retro Blue und Celestial Yellow illustrieren. Credit: Launchmetrics/Spotlight

Trend forecasting platform WGSN has unveiled the key colours for the autumn/winter 25/26 season together with global colour authority Coloro. "Acceleration" is the overarching theme for the colour forecast, the two organisations said in a press release issued earlier this month.

"As the climate crisis brings chaos and strange omens of decline (orange skies, green oceans), we will see an acceleration of change, both good and bad. Urgency, repair and reassurance will be necessities in this new reality, as is reflected in our A/W 25/26 colours.”

Key colours for AWS25/26 from WGSN and Coloro Credit: WGSN

The key colours for AW 25/26 are Celestial Yellow, Cherry Lacquer, Retro Blue, Neon Flare and Future Dusk. For inspiration, here are some catwalk looks for each trend colour.

Celestial Yellow- 048-90-17

The bright, pale yellow shade "Celestial Yellow" is described by trend researchers as "a radiant, multisensory colour that is both restful and surreal".

The trend colour yellow evokes associations with natural celestial bodies such as the moon, stars and sun and symbolises the human pursuit of reassurance, orientation and a sense of belonging, WGSN and Coloro write in the press release. "In times of uncertainty, people turn to spiritual and cosmic considerations such as spirituality, astrology and astronomy to find meaning and direction."

Celestial Yellow- 048-90-17Credit: WGSN

Pale yellow hues were used in the Spring/Summer 2024 collections by Lie, Pedro Del Hierro, Versace and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini.

Lie SS24 Ready-to-Wear + Pedro Del Hierro SS24 Ready-to-Wear. Credit: Launchmetrics/spotlight
Coperni Off Season 2023, Resort Women + Amlul SS23 Ready-to-Wear Credit:Launchmetrics/Spotlight
Lùchen FW23 Haute Couture + Jil Sander Off Season 2024 Resort Women. Credit: Launchmetrics/Spotlight
Versace SS24 Ready-to-Wear Credit: Launchmetrics/spotlight
Versace SS24 Credit: Launchmetrics/spotlight

Cherry Lacquer- 159-23-15

Cherry Lacquer is, like Future Dusk, the colour of 2025, a dark, mysterious shade with a luxurious aura, write the colour institutes. While Future Dusk lies in the spectrum between blue and violet, this is a mixture of black and red. It is best described as a deep red shade, somewhere between Bordeaux and cherry red.

According to the institutes, Cherry Lacquer fits the feelings of anger and insecurity that many people are currently experiencing. The colour symbolises resistance and rebellion, which means that it is associated with the desire to go against existing rules and expectations.

At the same time, there is something seductive about this deep red colour, something that draws people in and appeals to their deepest desires and forbidden pleasures. This means that it can convey a sense of intoxicating escape and empowerment.

Cherry Lacquer- 159-23-15 Credit: WGSN

On the catwalk, similar shades were seen in dreamy haute couture dresses by Zuhair Murad. Gucci, Versace, Prada and Bottega Veneta show how the colour can be used in ready-to-wear. According to the designers and fashion houses, the colour is particularly suitable for garments made of (patent) leather.

Zuhair Murad. Credit: Launchmetrics/spotlight
Sergio Hudson + University of Westminster MA Spring Summer 2024 Menswear. Credit: Launchmetrics/Spotlight
Gucci SS24 Ready-to-Wear. Credit: Launchmetrics/Spotlight
Versace SS24 Ready-to-Wear + Bottega Veneta SS24 Ready-to-Wear. Credit: Launchmetrics/Spotlight
Prada SS24 Ready-to-Wear Credit: Launchmetrics/spotlight

Retro Blue- 100-64-14

Retro Blue conveys a feeling of warmth and joy. The "analogue" shade is reminiscent of the past. The idea is that in times of uncertainty, people often find comfort and security in things that are familiar to them and give them a sense of stability and security. Retro Blue, therefore, plays on nostalgia. According to WGSN and Coloro, the colour could have a special appeal to Generation Z.

Retro Blue- 100-64-14 Credit: WGSN

On the catwalk, the colour was used by Emporio Armani, Irensense and Zuhair Murad.

Irensense SS24 Ready-to-Wear + Emporio Armani SS24 Ready-to-Wear. Credit: Launchmetrics/spotlight
Emporio Armani SS24 Ready-to-Wear. Credit: Launchmetrics/spotlight
Zuhair Murad SS24 Ready-to-Wear Credit: Launchmetrics/spotlight

Neon Flare- 014-68-51

This intense, bright neon colour is related to the zeitgeist of increasing concern about climate change and its impact on the planet, according to WGSN and Coloro. "this AI-inspired colour has an igniting and stimulating effect, fuelling a sense of collective urgency as we strive to unlock solutions to ‘wicked problems."

Neon Flare- 014-68-51 Credit: WGSN

Among others, the coral hue can be seen in designs by Viktor & Rolf, Valentino, Imane Ayissi, Sergio Hudson, Mark Fast and Pedro Del Hierro.

Viktor&Rolf FW23 Haute Couture. Credit: Launchmetrics/Spotlight
Valentino FW23 Haute Couture and Imane Ayissi FW23 Haute Couture Credit: Launchmetrics/Spotlight
Sergio Hudson FW23 Ready-to-Wear un Mark Fast SS24 Ready-to-Wear. Credit: Launchmetrics/Spotlight
Pedro del Hierro FW23 Ready to Wear. Credit: Launchmetrics/spotlight

Future Dusk- 129-35-18

WGSN and Coloro believe this will be the time of renewal and change, where there are opportunities to come up with new solutions to the ('economic and environmental') problems facing the world. "Future Dusk represents the combination of darkness and hope, suggesting that despite the challenges ahead, there is always room for imagination and optimism for the future," it reads. The blue-purple hue also has a heavenly and futuristic character, according to the institutes.

Future Dusk- 129-35-18 Key Colours AW25/26 WGSN Coloro Credits: WGSN

Future Dusk and similar shades are seen on the catwalk in a variety of creations: casual outfits by Lemaire to sexy outfits by Tom Ford and Laquan Smith.

Tom Ford SS24 Ready to Wear + Gabriela Hearst SS24 Ready to Wear. Credit: Launchmetrics/spotlight
Laquan Smith SS24 Ready to Wear Credit: Launchmetrics/spotlight
Lemair SS24 Menswear. Credit: Launchmetrics/spotlight

When predicting colour trends, experts predict which colours will be popular in the future based on social movements, consumer preferences, cultural influences and other factors. Companies like WGSN and Coloro announce trend colours and colours of the year to help designers, manufacturers and retailers align their products and marketing strategies with new trends. This also helps to establish their name as an authority.

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