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Cadogan appoints new Head of Sustainability

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Varley store in Chelsea, London Credits: Varley / Cadogan

Real estate giant Cadogan has appointed Sarra Pardali as the Head of Sustainability to spearhead the Chelsea 2030 Stewardship Strategy, a comprehensive plan aiming for the entire 5.1 billion pounds portfolio to achieve net-zero status by the end of the decade.

Cadogan, which manages 93 acres of land, including luxury destination Sloane Street in London and 300 stores in the area, said it will focus on curating a diverse range of uses for its land.

Ms Pardali has nearly two decades of experience in sustainability within the built environment, and previous led a decarbonization program for a 250-building property portfolio

Cadogan, known for its long-term stewardship, said it is committed to sustainability and preserving the area’s unique heritage and vibrant community. Pardali will lead the implementation of Cadogan’s ‘Chelsea 2030’ sustainability strategy, which emphasises creating a future-proofed estate with a strong emphasis on decarbonization. The company has demonstrated some progress, achieving a 10 percent carbon saving, launching a 90 million pound decarbonisation program to enhance energy efficiency, and increasing the Urban Greening Factor by 12.3 percent.

Hugh Seaborn, CEO, Cadogan, commented: “Sarra has a wealth of relevant experience which will be vital to achieving Cadogan’s necessarily ambitious sustainability initiatives, including decarbonising this beautiful and historic London neighbourhood. As a long-term family business, stewardship is at the heart of everything we do and Sarra will play a crucial role in driving positive change and contributing to the creation of a flourishing local community and more sustainable city.”

Sarra Pardali, Head of Sustainability, Cadogan said: “I’m excited to join Cadogan at a time when the organisation is leading one of the most ambitious and holistic sustainability initiatives in the capital. I am well-versed with the unique constraints of heritage buildings and relish the opportunity to decarbonise some of London’s most iconic commercial and residential locations. Successful integration of sustainability principles will create value and safeguard our future - and I look forward to working closely with stakeholders across the local community, partners and suppliers to inspire change and create a lasting legacy of a greener, more sustainable built environment that serves as a model for generations to come.”