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Maison Schiaparelli names new artistic director

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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American designer Daniel Roseberry, who previously worked alongside Thom Browne as the head of the men's and women's collections, has been named the new artistic director of Maison Schiaparelli.

Roseberry will be in charge of all collections, projects and image of the House founded by Elsa Schiaparelli in 1927, stated the luxury fashion label, and will “breathe a bold and avant-garde creative vision” into the Place Vendôme house, in a similar way to Schiaparelli, whose unconventional creative heritage is steeped in the history of fashion.

Born in Texas, Roseberry might not be a household name in fashion, but the 33-year-old designer who studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, has spent more than 10 years alongside Thom Browne as the design director of men’s and women’s collections for the brand.

While some in the industry are stating that Roseberry is an unexpected choice to head up the legendary fashion house, Schiaparelli owner Diego Della Valle states that it is the American designer’s “modern and innovative creative vision” that made him the perfect to head up the legendary label.

Roseberry succeeds Bertrand Guyon, who held the post of design director, who parted ways with the fashion label on Friday, April 19 after four years.

Daniel Roseberry appointed artistic director of Maison Schiaparelli

"It is my great honour and my joy to pick up where Mme. Schiaparelli left off some 85 years ago. Schiaparelli was a master of the modern; her work reflected the chaos and hope of the turbulent era in which she lived,” said Roseberry in a statement. “Today, we find ourselves asking similarly big, identity-shaping questions of our own: What does art look like? What is identity? How do we dress for the end of the world?”

Roseberry added: “Schiaparelli answered these questions with candour and humour, but one of her greatest legacies may be her commitment to fantasy, her understanding that we need fantasy in complicated times. I want to offer my own answers to these questions, and offer a fantasy—a dream—that feels relevant, and necessary, for today.

“It is my privilege to collaborate with the astonishing talents of the atelier and in the traditions of haute couture to carry the legend and myth of this storied house into the future.”

Diego Della Valle, owner of Maison Schiaparelli added: "I am delighted to welcome Daniel Roseberry at Schiaparelli House. His modern and innovative creative vision and its multiple talents will allow the House to deploy all of its activities in respect of this unique heritage that has made Schiaparelli a revolutionary brand."

There has been a creative shift in Schiaparelli in recent years, the womenswear brand launched its “pret-a-couture” collection with a pop-up at Bergdorf Goodman in October 2018. The collection features see-now-buy-now ready-to-wear pieces made on a small scale using couture manufacturing techniques. The luxury fashion house also introduced its first handbag and has been focusing on celebrity dressing with stars including Tilda Swinton, Cate Blanchett, and Gwyneth Paltrow wearing its couture designs.

Image: courtesy of Maison Schiaparelli

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