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A$AP Rocky joins Klarna as an investor

By Alsha Coppolina


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Popular musician and actor Rakim Mayers, known as A$AP Rocky has joined the buy-now-pay-later program Klarna as an investor.

A$AP Rocky also spent one day as CEO of the company, encouraging everyone to rediscover the joy of shopping and new styles. He also created exclusive content and fashion inspiration for the Klarna shopping app which focuses on upcycling and vintage fashion.

“Klarna is a company that is always looking to the future and continuously questions the status quo. That is exactly what made working together so appealing for me,” said A$AP Rocky in a release.

He added, “I am looking forward to working with Klarna on a variety of projects. This also means that we create a space together in which people can rediscover their own style while fashion awakens from its worldwide hibernation.”

Rocky has also invested one percent in the sustainability initiative GiveOne that was recently launched by Klarna.

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, co-founder and CEO of Klarna said in a release: “A$AP Rocky cannot be pigeonholed; he is a musician, actor, philanthropist, a visionary in terms of style and someone who understands exactly what moves people from these points of view.

“He challenges the status quo every day. The customer experience in retail today demands new shopping trends, curated offers, and sustainable shopping solutions, we can learn a lot from him at Klarna.”

Further partnership announcements between A$AP Rocky and Klarna are expected soon.

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