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Adidas launches streetwear app dedicated to product drops

By Huw Hughes

Aug. 28, 2020


Adidas has launched a new streetwear-inspired app, called Confirmed, dedicated to product drops, never-before-seen content and “elevated storytelling”.

The Confirmed app builds on foundations of a previous iteration of the platform launched in 2015 and will take a “uniquely community focused approach”, acting as a hub for highly anticipated releases.

Users will have exclusive access to some of the German sportswear brand’s’ most sought-after product drops such as Noah’s first collaborative collection and Craig Green Superstar sneakers, as seen on the catwalk in January.

The app will also act as a hub for “elevated storytelling”, offering exclusive content ranging from listicles and interviews to never-before-seen videos.

“With community at its heart, Confirmed seeks to give users unprecedented access to Team Adidas, playing host to content from some of the most influential names in culture including Jonah Hill, Blondey, Nigo and beyond to provide insider access to a community of tastemakers who ongoingly create culture and push it forward,” Adidas said in a release.

Confirmed is currently available exclusively to US consumers.

Photo credit: Adidas