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Bestseller trials Zliide app in omnichannel development

By Rachel Douglass

Oct. 4, 2021


Image: Bestseller, Rømerhus store

Multibrand fashion conglomerate Bestseller has announced it is trialling digital retail solution app Zliide in a handful of its brand’s stores.

The app provides stores with its own individual online store, including a home delivery option via bike couriers and in-store self-checkout. Bluetooth activated anti-theft tags are automated through in-app purchases, with the retailer suggesting that Zliide will allow customers to avoid queues while retail staff will be able to focus on more personal customer service.

Unisex brand Selected, part of the Bestseller roster, has already been trialling the Zliide app in Bestseller’s Rømerhus store, in Denmark, for a few months. It reported that the customer reception to the app was positive and many continue to use it following in-store activation. The trial aims to test the value of the digital solution, analysing end-consumer usage and demographic acceptance.

First phase testing

“Rømerhus is a great test location because of its high visibility and the fact it stocks the majority of Bestseller brands,” said Astrid Lund Jensen, business analyst for Bestseller Business Development, in a statement. “We are really interested in getting to know the customer base for each of our brands, and what brands will be performing best regarding both the self-checkout and the online solution.

“With Black Friday and the beginning of Christmas shopping coming up, we are also interested in how Zliide’s solutions will help our retail colleagues and whether Zliide can handle the number of customers and their expectations.”

Prior to the partnership, Zliide has already established itself among the retail market in Aarhus and Copenhagen, with the decision to trial the app alongside Bestseller brands following clientele meetings.

“There is no doubt that we have had to think much more about SoMe, much more about how we connect with customers elsewhere than in the physical store,” explained Rømerhus’ retail manager, Louise Ejersbo Jensen. “That’s also what our partnership with Zliide is about. It’s an extension of the other initiatives, for example with social media, that we have had to embrace during these lockdown periods.”

She continued: “I also think that our customers have gotten used to shopping another way. Of course, we have been lucky to have many customers returning to our store again, but everyone has been spoiled with shopping on so many different platforms and we need to be a part of that development.”

According to the staff of the retailer, customers have been optimistic about the new digital solution, with one stating “I think that customers have really embraced it, so it’s going to be exciting”.