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Canada Goose opens new concept store in Toronto

By Robyn Turk

Dec. 4, 2019

Canada Goose has unveiled a new retail concept that brings the great outdoors into the luxury shopping space.

Called Journey, the outerwear brand's new experiential store in Toronto, Canada immerses visitors in the atmosphere that its cold weather apparel is designed to be worn in. The store utilizes digital content, interactive product displays and Canada Goose's popular Cold Room fitting room feature that brings the room temperature down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit, or -25 degrees Celsius.

Even more interesting is the fact that Journey does not carry any inventory. Instead, it focuses on creating an experience with which customers can interact and discover the ideas behind Canada Goose's product line. Customers can make appointments for a one-on-one shopping appointments to discover and browse the products, then order in store for same-day home delivery.

"In retail, experience is everything – and trying on a Canada Goose jacket for the first time is a powerful experience," Dani Reiss, president and CEO of Canada Goose said in a statement. "This new store amplifies that moment by creating an environment that digitally and physically transports people into the Arctic in innovative, surprising, and inspiring ways The way people shop is changing and I'm excited to be a leader in defining the future of retail."

Image: Canada Goose