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Flannels to open 3 regional flagships in 2021, including Liverpool megastore

By Huw Hughes

Dec. 18, 2020


Frasers Group has announced plans to open three new regional flagship Flannels stores in 2021, including a seven-floor megastore in Liverpool.

A 120,000 square foot Flannels store will open on Liverpool’s iconic Parker Street in the autumn, taking over the city’s ‘Owen Owen’ building. Set over seven floors, the multi-brand store will feature an all-new beauty destination, a rooftop restaurant and an entire floor dedicated to leisure, activewear and high-performance sportswear. The ‘World of Active’ conceptual space will also include a fitness studio.

The other two stores will be in Sheffield and Leicester, will both be upward of 30,000 square foot, and will feature a beauty hall, luxury, and contemporary ready-to-wear concepts and restaurant offerings.

Flannels pushes forward with retail expansion plans

The stores, which will be designed by luxury architects Argent, come as part of the retailer’s new elevation strategy, which will see the opening of up to fifteen flagship stores in the next five years, in addition to a roll-out of elevated ‘regional boutiques’.

Flannels currently has 40 stores open across the UK, including a national flagship on London’s Oxford Street.

These Flagships will be designed by luxury architects Argent, the team behind the business’ elevated boutique portfolio.

Commenting on the new Liverpool store in a statement, Frasers Group head of elevation Michael Murray said: “We recognise Liverpool as a powerhouse of culture and style - it’s a symbiotic home for Flannels. While the idea of the ‘regional divide’ is dead, we recognise that communities are welcoming exciting, much-needed additions to their high streets with open arms.

“Liverpool is the fifth largest retail centre in the country, and in our opinion underserved – we’ll be the first and only multi-category destination to mark the city. The market has an unmatched appetite for the type of luxury we do best; we’re incredibly excited to deliver a world-class experience to the city and have no doubts on the success of our strategy.”

Photo credit: Frasers Group