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Lululemon opens first experiential store in Chicago

By Dale Arden Chong

Jul. 11, 2019

Athletic attire brand Lululemon is joining in on creating experiential retail moments for its consumers. According to a press release from the brand, the retailer has opened up a new store — which will be used to manifest the brand’s mission to promote fitness — in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.

The 20,000 square foot location will be used as a hub for those in the community to gather with features such as a restaurant, personal development, studio classes — where customers will have the opportunity to test out products before purchase — and a locker room.

The location will have 45 ambassadors who will lead fitness, meditation, and nutrition classes. It will also offer six to ten classes per day in its studios and offers flexible open-concept workstations and lounges.

Images: Courtesy of Lululemon