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Reebok introduces a new shopper loyalty program


Reebok introduces a new shopper loyalty program

By Robyn Turk

Apr. 3, 2019

English footwear and apparel brand Reebok has announced a new loyalty program. Called Unlocked, the program is the first loyalty service the brand has offered and reward customers with points that can be earned in several ways.

Like most loyalty programs, Reebok awards its points when shoppers buy items, but will also give points for product reviews, social media interactions and attending events. Members will also have the opportunity to gain rewards from 25 of Reebok's wellness partners.

Shoppers will move up through membership tiers as they earn more points. Each tier will allow them new access to early product releases, workout videos and private events.

“Unlocked is fundamentally a value-based program," Reebok's global head of digital, Matt Blonder, told Digiday. "It rewards our consumers for interacting with our brand. There are points associated with dollars spent, but there are also points associated with social interaction, with account creation and enrichment, event interaction, et cetera."

Blonder explained that through providing customers incentive to review products and interact with the brand, Reebok will be able to tailor its products, recommendations and the information it shares to better fit its shopper's interests.

Reebok is currently in the midst of a digital overhaul. A complete redesign of the brand's website is in the works, with the update intended to offer shoppers a more personalized approach to e-commerce.