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Shaftesbury launches recycling project on Carnaby Street

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Shaftesbury, Are You Mad

Shaftesbury has unveiled its first visible recycling unit on Carnaby Street, which will act as both a plastic sorting facility and a retail store.

‘Are You Mad’ will collect plastic waste from local businesses, shoppers and its community to be sorted, shredded and turned into new objects.

The location, which will open officially as a store in September, has been functioning for the past month as a plastic collection unit that has reportedly diverted one tonne of plastic from going to landfills over 40 days.

In a release, the organisation said the space will also include a workshop where customers can bring their rubbish, learn about plastic and turn their trash into something useful, such as hair combs and coasters.

The initiative collects three different types of plastic: HDPE, PP and PS, which it said it has found in broken hangers, milk bottles, bottle caps and food crates.

“Having a bricks-and-mortar store is our way of making repurposed waste visible to the general public,” said James Suckling, co-founder of Are You Mad.

He continued: “We hope to change the perception of rubbish by showing the process of turning waste into unique and tangible objects. As a brand we make a difference by creating meaningful employment and circularity through waste and with this project, the amount of plastic sent to landfills.”

Retail brands located in Carnaby, such as The North Face, Ganni and Swatch, have signed up to support the initiative.

The organisation will also be taking charitable donations for the project in store in exchange for retail products.

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