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Snapchat introduces new AR shopping lens

By Rachel Douglass

Jan 27, 2022


Image: Snapchat

Social media app Snapchat has introduced a new way of browsing products through its camera, with a lense that aims to make the shopping experience more personal.

App users can already use the platform to try-on digital products and make click-through purchases. According to the site, its users are now engaging with its augmented reality (AR) features more than six billion times per day, with 93 percent of those using the additions for AR shopping.

The increase in use has pushed the company to launch a new type of shopping lens, allowing users to easily swipe through multiple products in the app. Details on price, colour, size and similar items suggestions will be available to view, with the likes of Ulta Beauty and Mac Cosmetics already using the feature for their own products.

App users will continue to be able to share their purchases with friends and try them on through AR filters.