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What skills will a store manager of tomorrow need?

By Julia Garel

Dec 1, 2021


Foto: Liza Summer via Pexels

In the context of the United Nations Climate Conference (COP26), which took place in Glasgow, many companies are being forced to further tighten their policies for a sustainable future. Fashion professionals can also contribute to an environmentally responsible fashion industry by expanding their knowledge and skills. Today FashionUnited outlines the profile of tomorrow's shop manager.

To ensure the smooth running of a store, the store manager fills their days with commercial activities, team management and administration. But to also satisfy and retain customers, make the store attractive or motivate a team, new skills are necessary.

The skills of a store manager of the future were listed in a study published in May 2021. The study, entitled 'Trading in the light of sustainability: implications for jobs and skills', was commissioned by sixteen sectors and carried out by the 'Observatoire prospectif du commerce' in collaboration with the French government.

The conclusions of the French study are internationally applicable and show that in the future shop managers should be able to:

  • Integrate environmental objectives with the financial and economic objectives of the business.
  • Develop innovative customer experiences such as DIY, zero waste and product sustainability.
  • Improve the store's environmental performance.
  • Promote more environmentally responsible products on the shelves or during events and commercial activities.
  • Optimizing store stocks according to a zero waste objective.
  • Develop ways to recycle unsold products.

In any case, the store manager will need to have a better understanding of environmental regulations and regulations in the future.

A new training for store managers?

In order to offer employees the opportunity to acquire skills that are necessary in the context of making the sector more sustainable, the 'Observatoire prospectif du commerce' recommends additional training and mentions four modules related to the position of store manager:

  • Awareness module on environmental issues in retail and possible alternatives: new regulations, recovery of unsold goods, zero waste .
  • Training on sustainable procurement of products (labels and certification, sourcing, traceability, sustainability of products, environmental impact).
  • Training courses on sustainable logistics and the environmental aspects of the transport and storage of goods.
  • Training on repair and reuse of damaged and/or unsold products.

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.FR, translated and edited to English by Kelly Press.