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Wholee launches new online shopping app

By Andrea Byrne

Aug. 28, 2020


Wholee, a member-only zero-markup store, has launched a new online shopping app in the UK, called Wholee Prime.

Wholee Prime offers a zero-mark-up pricing model in which users only pay for the production cost of products set by the manufacturer and not for subsequent distribution and marketing costs. The app works by connecting members with over 100,000 manufacturers globally, offering them access to millions of fashion and lifestyle products.

A Wholee spokesperson said in a statement: "Wholee Prime is devoted to offering consumers an innovative platform that does away with the traditional marketing gimmicks and pricing strategies consumers are usually confronted with.

“Despite frequent promises of 'huge discounts', 'prices dropped', 'clearance sale' and 'flash deals', all too often these gimmicks are just that and end up with consumers paying a higher price and their confidence in retailers degraded. People are sick of it. Consumers want rid of the marketing guff and hidden costs.

“At Wholee Prime we believe that the member-only and zero mark-up model is the future of e-commerce and we are pioneers. We offer an ideal shopping platform where the price of every product reflects only its true cost without any mark-up costs.”

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Photo credit: Wholee Prime