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WHP Global launches new e-commerce platform

By Robyn Turk

Nov 25, 2020


WHP Global has created WHP+ - a new direct-to-consumer digital platform. The company's label Anne Klein will be the first to launch on the platform, with access to full e-commerce operations including technology, data science, analytics, logistics, creative and digital marketing.

Brands will be able to engage directly with their consumers through WHP+, as well as deliver all product categories through one seamless offering. The e-commerce platform allows the company to keep its highest growth channel fully in-house.

"The launch of our e-commerce platform WHP+ is a game changer," WHP Global's chairman and CEO, Yehuda Shmidman, said in a press release. "Owning and controlling the highest growth channel in retail will allow us and our licensees to drive material growth as one unified team."

Additional brand launches are currently planned for WHP+, though the names have yet to be announced. WHP Global has said that these launches will include both brands within its portfolio as well as outside labels.

Image: WHP Global

WHP Global