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A new AI tool enables personalised experiences in made-to-measure

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Mobile Tailor Credits: 3DLook

3DLook, a leader in AI-driven body scanning and virtual try-on solutions, has introduced Mobile Tailor 2.0, a user-friendly SaaS product allowing businesses to digitally measure customers' bodies for personalised experiences.

The solution stands out by avoiding complex integrations or app downloads, as brands and businesses can rapidly deploy it through a customised admin panel, integrating it on websites as widgets or via measurement links shared with customers. After capturing front and side photos, accurate body measurements and 3D models are instantly available.

Mobile Tailor 2.0 aims to revolutionise the digital made-to-measure industry by reducing remake and alteration costs significantly. A statement from the company said it can enhance customer loyalty by up to 67 percent and diminish the manual measurement process. Additionally it may decrease product returns by 6 percent for traditional fashion e-commerce businesses.

The platform also enhances engagement for clienteling apps, enabling brands to capture real-time body data and integrate it into customer profiles.

The software was built on proprietary body models and robust computer vision pipelines and enhanced in 2022 with further measurement algorithm advancements.