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Eco-activists target Gucci's Christmas tree in Milan

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Eco-activists took to the streets of Milan on Saturday, targeting the iconic Gucci Christmas tree in the Galleria as an act of protest.

Two activists from Ultima Generazione tossed a bucket of yellow paint at the tree before defiantly sitting at its base. According to reports, firefighters and municipal police arrived promptly, attending to the scene.

The incident marks a return to a familiar form of activism in Milan, reminiscent of previous actions targeting monuments such as the Vittorio Emanuele II and the Arch of Peace, reported Finestre sull Arte.

The motivation behind the demonstration revolves around a call for the government to establish a Reparation Fund to address the damages inflicted by floods and the broader impact of extreme weather events attributed to climate change.

Dubbed "The Gift of Love" and crafted by Gucci, the tree was positioned in the Milan’s famous shopping mall Galleria's Octagon. The tree has been a subject of controversy due to its unconventional design, featuring a display of parcel-like ornaments identical to those showcased in Gucci's Christmas store windows.

In previous years the Christmas tree was sponsored by Swarovski. This is the first time the Florentine luxury house took over the tradition.