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Facebook debuts new shoppings tools across Instagram and its platforms

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

Jun 23, 2021


Image: Instagram visual search, courtesy Facebook Inc.

Facebook Inc. is adding new shopping tools to its platforms, including visual discovery on Instagram. The company is testing a new search function, powered by AI, to help users find similar products, such as a floral dress, just by tapping an image of a dress they like.

Soon Instagram will make it possible for people to take photos from their camera to start a visual search.

Virtual try-on

To help shoppers get a better feel for the fit of a product before they purchase, Instagram is making it easier for brands to create AR try-on experiences in Shops through new API integrations with Modiface and Perfect Corp. The platform is introducing new tools for brands to include AR product catalogs in ads that will automatically show relevant products to people based on their interests.

New technologies

Facebook said it is investing in immersive technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence that will be the foundation for the way customers shop online going forward. New visual discovery tools on Instagra will help shoppers find new products, and AR experiences help shoppers visualize items before buying.

Personalising the Shopping Journey With Ads

Facebook in a press release said it wants to provide a shopping experience that is as personalized as a user’s News Feed. The company is introducing new Shops ads solutions that provide unique ads experiences based on people’s shopping preferences. For example, Facebook is testing the ability for businesses to send shoppers to where they are most likely to make a purchase based on their shopping behaviour, such as curated products that a usermight be interested in from a Shop or a business’ website. In the future, Facebook said it will explore ways to help brands further personalize their Shops ads by providing special offers or promotions to select shoppers.

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