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Monica Vinader launches passport pilot to enhance traceability

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader is launching a new supply chain traceability standard for the jewellery industry in partnership with sustainable jewellery manufacturer Ennovie.

The digital Product Passport programme has been designed to offer enhanced traceability to consumers by allowing them to trace the origin of their jewellery from design, materials sourcing, and crafting, all the way to arrival at their doorstep utilising Topl blockchain.

The initiative currently covers 50 of the brand’s bestselling styles, including its large hoop earrings, with the jewellery brand looking to add diamonds, gemstones and more suppliers in the future. Monica Vinader would also like to link individual digital passports for each production batch directly to every customer order.

Image: Monica Vinader

Commenting on the passport pilot, Monica Vinader, chief executive and founder, said in a statement: “I’m interested in setting higher standards for the jewellery industry. Transparency is a natural next step we’re tackling after many years of working with our supply chain on a more responsible way of doing business. For us, it’s about our core values of care and transparency, and improving circularity alongside our repair and recycling programmes.

“Product Passport shines a light on the intrinsic value of each piece we make. Our jewellery comes from earth’s materials, is made by the hands of craftsmen in conditions you would feel proud of. It’s made to be cherished, repaired and worn again and again. We’re excited to now give customers the transparency into the love and hard work that is behind every piece.”

Jewellery brand Monica Vinader teams up with Ennovie to implement supply chain transparency

Image: Monica Vinader

Raphael Galdini, co-founder and chief executive of Ennovie, added: “We've long been committed to the concept of responsible innovation. We’re honoured to receive Monica Vinader’s trust in not only sustainable manufacturing, but also in pushing through the boundaries of innovation in our industry.

“Blockchain traceability has long been a buzzword, but we’re proud to together take action and make this happen. The end customer has a right to full transparency of the production practices of the jewellery they wear.”

This is the latest sustainability initiative from the award-winning jewellery brand, adding to its sustainability commitments to manufacture only in 100 percent recycled gold and silver, use recyclable packaging, and offer a 5-year warranty, lifetime repairs, and a jewellery recycling programme.

Image: Monica Vinader
Monica Vinader