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Napapijri partners with Good Earth Cotton to create summer collection

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Napapijri Good Earth Cotton collection Credits: Napapijri

Premium outerwear and lifestyle brand Napapijri has introduced a new collection for summer made using Good Earth Cotton, a verified production system with a positive Net Zero position.

The new collection of summer essentials includes premium knitwear, t-shirts, polos, and more for men, women, and children. Partnering with Good Earth Cotton to develop the collection, the move aligns with Napapijri's aim to source 100 percent of its materials from regenerative, responsibly sourced, renewable, or recycled sources by 2030. 

"Napapijri interprets sustainability as a new form of creativity, an inspiration for new ideas, paths, and innovation," said Silvia Onofri, president of Napapijri, in a statement. "Our product and design teams work hand in hand to stay ahead of the curve and receptive to new possibilities in the textile world. Our partnership with trailblazing Good Earth Cotton represents yet one more step in this direction."

Napapijri Good Earth Cotton Credits: Napapijri

The Good Earth Cotton program, which uses Australian-grown cotton, focuses on regenerative agriculture practices that boost soil vitality, increase biodiversity, and capture carbon, resulting in a net positive environmental impact rather than a neutral one.

"Teaming up with Napapijri feels like the perfect match. Our verified regenerative Australian cotton allows Napapijri to create summer essentials from fiber that is kind to the planet," said Dani Statham, founder of Good Earth Cotton, in a statement. 

"Good Earth Cotton is not just about producing high-quality cotton; it's about fostering a regenerative approach that positively impacts the planet. We believe measuring sustainability in the fashion and textile industry is everyone's responsibility," added Statham. 

The Napapijri Good Earth Cotton range also features FibreTrace technology, meaning customers are able to scan a QR code to trace the exact steps of the garment's journey, from soil to spinner, manufacturer to store, promoting supply chain sustainability and transparency. 

A real-time verification system for fiber integrity, FibreTrace embeds luminescent pigments into raw cotton. This process creates a distinctive signature that allows for precise verification and tracking of fibers throughout the global supply chain. As the luminescent pigments can be physically traced, FibreTrace also validates the data of the raw cotton fiber and sustainability improvements through the supply chain.

The Napapijri Good Earth Cotton is now available online and in select stores.

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