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Pantone reveals “a shift in mood” for LFW AW24 colour trend report

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Pantone LFW autumn/winter 2024/2025 colour trend report Credits: Pantone

Trend forecasting and colour consultancy Pantone Color Institute has revealed that the autumn/winter 2024 edition of London Fashion Week, which runs from February 16 to 20, will signify a “shift in mood,” with designers opting for colours that blend wearability with desirability.

Described as a palette of “potent and powerful colours,” the LFW autumn/winter 2024 colour trend report melds a “fusion of retro influences with a desire to create new visions” with hues of cherry red, ethereal blue, a hearty orange and lush green.

The season’s top ten standout colours blend wearability with desirability, featuring sophisticated mid-tones, alongside nature-based hues, deep darks, and “natural and honest” neutrals, which signifies a shift towards “strong trans-seasonal appeal and inherent statement of elegance and ease”.

Pantone notes that while they may be sleek and practical, the colours are also “visually engaging,” and embrace an approach to dressing that is "more pure and simple," while also lending itself to "creativity and playfully dramatic statements".

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said in a statement: “Colours for LFW autumn/winter 2024/2025 reimagine a new definition of core colour and seasonless shades.

“Linked to a more considered approach to colour’s functionality, this creative yet approachable palette creates a strong foundational base upon which to layer playful accent tones that adds drama to the simplicity, indulges the senses and embraces the ‘elevated every day’.”

Pantone LFW autumn/winter 2024/2025 colour palette Credits: Pantone

LFW AW24 colour palette from Pantone

For AW24, Pantone states that the top ten colours offer a versatile mix of saturated brights with rich nature-based tones, which “increases the possibilities”.

Pantone 16-1429 ‘Sunburn’ is an elegant, burnished brown.

Pantone 19-5232 ‘Rain Forest’ is a lush, saturated green “born from nature”.

Pantone 17-1563 ‘Cherry Tomato’ adds a “luscious prolific red” to the colour palette.

Pantone 12-4609 ‘Starlight Blue’ is an ethereal blue that is “both lofty and airy,” adding a soft and neutral hue.

Pantone 17-1449 ‘Pureed Pumpkin’ is a hearty orange “with a slightly intense unique flavour”.

Pantone LFW autumn/winter 2024/2025 colour palette Credits: Pantone

Pantone 14-0837 ‘Misted Yellow’ is a lightly spiced veiled yellow.

Pantone 12-4301 ‘Almond Milk’ adds a natural creamy white.

Pantone 19-2311 ‘Eggplant’ is a tasteful brownish-purple colour.

Pantone 17-4129 ‘Wave Ride’ is a bright and tropical ocean blue stemming from the “desire for escape”.

Pantone 17-1503 ‘Storm Front’ adds a steady mid-toned grey tone to the colour palette.

Pantone LFW autumn/winter 2024/2025 - classic colours Credits: Pantone

Pantone autumn/winter 2024 core classic colours for LFW

The standout colours for LFW sit alongside five new classic hues, which offer “honest core tones” to “establish new pillars,” adds Pantone.

Pantone 14-1122 ‘Sheepskin’ is a softened warm beige that Pantone says is “filled with ease and comfort”.

Pantone 19-1121 ‘Pinecone’ is a simple, humble, and straightforward rustic brown.

Pantone 19-3815 ‘Evening Blue’ is an expansive and elegant darkened blue.

Pantone 19-3906 ‘Dark Shadows’ adds a reliable grey to the colour mix.

Pantone 18-0525 ‘Iguana’ is a versatile arboreal green that underscores an appreciation of nature.

NYFW AW24 Colours - Pantone trend report Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Pantone NYFW AW24 colours are “functional and adaptable”

The LFW colour trend report from Pantone follows its AW24 colour predictions for New York Fashion Week, which said designers would embrace a colour palette offering a “lively mix” of functional and adaptable hues linked to conscious consumption and slowing trend cycles.

For AW24, the top ten standout colours are “environmentally inspired” colours stemming from consumers' desire for “more organic hues,” including a decadent red, a mineral-based teal, a cooling blue, a deep dark purple, and a leafy green.

On the NYFW colours, Eiseman added: “Colours for NYFW autumn/winter 2024/2025 strive for balance between the more familiar and the new and exciting, embracing longevity and seasonless style.

“Functional and adaptable, they are reliable and robust, servicing our increasingly hybridised style of living, providing a strong chromatic foundation and at the same time delivering playful and energetic accents for moments of magic.”

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