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Pantone’s FW22 fashion color trends as seen on the runway

By Jayne Mountford


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Image: Courtesy Missoni, 16Arlington, Versace FW22

Every season, The Pantone Color Institute, Pantone’s trend forecasting and color consultancy, releases its ‘Fashion Color Trend Report’. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute stated that AW22 colors "contrast our competing desires for calm and comfort with energy boosting vitality, through a range of restful and restorative colors, in tandem with exuberant tones.” She went on to say that “As we move forward into an environment filled with contradiction, hues for AW22 enable consumers to move fluidly between a range of contrasting shades, allowing them to spontaneously express who they are and how they feel on any given day.” Here is how ten designers incorporated Pantone's seasonal colors into their fall runway collections.

Pantone Color: 16-1358 Orange Tiger

Image: Courtesy Akris FW22

Description: A high vis orange with whimsicality
Brand: Akris
Designer: Albert Kriemler

Image: Pantone Orange Tiger

Color Harmony: Orange Tiger was used with other shades of orange plus lime green, kelly green, white and brown in a geometric pattern for sweater knits

Pantone Color: 14-0851 Samoan Sun

Image: Courtesy Anteprima FW22

Description: Cheerful Samoan Sun enlightens and illuminates
Brand: Anteprima
Designer: Izumi Ogino

Pantone Samoan Sun

Color Harmony: Samoan Sun was used for a quilted suit with grey underpinnings and accessories.

Pantone Color: 19-4127 Midnight

Image: Courtesy Lanvin FW22

Description: A hypnotic deep blue evocative of the evening sky
Brand: Lanvin
Designer: Bruno Sialelli

Pantone Midnight

Color Harmony: Midnight was used in conjunction with other shades of blue and brown for a whimsical ice-cream print on a sophisticated dress

Pantone Color: 14-4618 Waterspout

Image: Courtesy Miu Miu FW22

Description: Cleansing Waterspout cools and refreshes
Brand: Miu Miu
Designer: Miuccia Prada

Pantone Waterspout

Color Harmony: Waterspout was used for a sheer dress encrusted with crystal over a turquoise bra and boy shorts and in contrast to brown strappy boots and grey socks.

Pantone Color: 14-2806 Nosegay

Image: Courtesy 16Arlington FW22

Description: A fragrant floral pink that envelopes the senses
Brand: 16Arlington
Designer: Marco Capaldo

Pantone Nosegay

Color Harmony: Nosegay was used in conjunction with rust for a faux fur jacket, knit top and crushed velvet skirt.

Pantone Color: 18-1552 Lava Falls

Image: Courtesy Versace FW22

Description: An impassioned orange red with a captivating presence
Brand: Versace
Designer: Donatella Versace

Pantone Lava Falls

Color Harmony: Lava Falls red was used in conjunction with black and other shades of red for a tweed coat and corset

Pantone Color: 18-0625 Martini Olive

Image: Courtesy Marine Serre FW22

Description: a fruit inspired green tone with a touch of brine
Brand: Marine Serre

Pantone Martini Olive

Color Harmony: Martini Olive was used with army green and khaki for a pieced-in fitted coat.

Pantone Color: 18-1148 Caramel Café

Image: Courtesy Loewe FW22

Description: A delicious brown hue that tastefully tempts
Brand: Loewe
Designer: J.W. Anderson

Pantone Caramel Café

Color Harmony: Caramel Café was used in conjunction with orange and a darker brown for a window-pane plaid on a pair of pants.

Pantone Color: 17-2624 Rose Violet

Image: Courtesy Valentino FW22

Description: Vivid and vibrant, Rose Violet is full of zing
Brand: Valentino
Designer: Pierpaolo Piccioli

Image: Pantone Rose Violet

Color Harmony: Rose Violet was used for a total look that included a sweater knit sweater and skirt, tights, platform boots and a mini satchel.

Pantone Color: 18-6024 Amazon

Image: Courtesy Missoni FW22

Description: A lush and fertile broadleaf green
Brand: Missoni
Designer: Alberto Caliri

Image: Pantone Amazon

Color Harmony: Amazon was used with other shades of green and an off-white tone for a spaced dyed sweater matched to a pair of wide legged pale blue pants.