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PLACE VENDÔME: The famous Parisian brand at the Cannes Festival red carpet

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Jun 3, 2022


It only took a few years of hard work and determination for the young Parisian jewelry house to find itself at the heart of the most famous film festival in the world. PLACE VENDÔME was already known for its collections combining modernity and comprehensive appreciation for high-end fashion, which it presents through sublime campaigns that are eye-catching and mysterious. She is now a star on the most prestigious of red carpets. The epitome of a meteoric rise in the jewelry industry.

It now seems impossible to miss the phenomenon: everywhere, the young digital brand "PLACE VENDÔME" is being talked about, both in the corridors of Parisian fashion, in the hushed world of luxury living, as well as gracing the covers of the most famous magazines. There is no place in the world where you cannot admire these delicately designed pieces made in the heart of Paris, France : social media has offered a modern “sanctuary” for “PLACE VENDÔME”, an elegant catalog of inspiring, feminine and dazzling designs to choose from.

PLACE VENDÔME is possessing a large community on social networks but is also physically presenting its collections in its unique showroom at 6 Place Vendôme in Paris. The entire city of Paris is brought to mind often by the ephemeral collections and many celebrities openly declare themselves "Vendôme Addict". You can celebrate the love of high-end jewelry by spending an afternoon in this beautifully designed showroom considered as destination of eclectic layout of Parisian jewelry.

The young jewelry Maison already has its high jewelry collections included in the most notable selective classification of the famous “Vogue” and is on the front page of a king-maker magazine such as “L’Officiel”. But a new step has just been taken: we now find its exceptional pieces at the heart of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, during the climb of the steps and the opening ceremony, on Miss France Amandine Petit and Clémence Botino, respectively wearing a tiara and a necklace from the "AIR" High Jewelry collection.

An unprecedented feat for such a young brand and a success hailed by luxury experts already rich in praise for this rise. Gabrielle de Montmorin, journalist for Vogue and co-author of "Luxury Attitude" analyzes: "This House is not subject to marketing processes which can sometimes be cautious and quite similar. It manages to rise so quickly in the world of luxury thanks to two requirements: never to compromise on the quality of the raw material and to remain faithful to the know-how of the French workshops. Place Vendôme is an independence that allows freedom and audacity…”

Ralph Wenig, famous fashion photographer through whose lens the greatest muses (Monica Belluci, Isabelle Adjani, Audrey Tautou, etc.) recognizes an exceptional success due to, "significant activity on social networks with ambassadors of choice enough to offer, very quickly, unparalleled visibility.”

“It’s an important step, but its only the beginning of the story” say the founders.

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Website: www.PlaceVendome.com – Instagram: @placevendome.fr

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