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Saks launches beauty recycling initiative with TerraCycle

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Saks

Saks is teaming up with international recycling leader TerraCycle to launch its Saks Beauty Recycling programme to give empty beauty containers a second life.

The initiative, running through Saks.com and Saks Fifth Avenue stores across the US, will enable customers to recycle empty hair care, skincare and cosmetic packaging from all brands. The new programme has been designed to be convenient for customers, who can return the packaging either by using prepaid shipping labels that are downloadable via Saks.com or by dropping them off in designated collection bins at their local Saks Fifth Avenue store.

All collected waste will then be sorted by category based on composition, such as plastics and metals, and consolidated and sent for processing to become new raw resources that are transformed into new products, like furniture and gardening equipment.

Kate Oldham, senior vice president of beauty at Saks, said in a statement: "Through the Saks Beauty Recycling programme, we are providing customers with a convenient solution for recycling a wide variety of empty beauty packaging from all brands.

"We are proud to introduce this program to our platform as an extension of the Saks shopping experience and a way to empower our customers to embrace more sustainable practices."

Cara Chacon, senior vice president of environmental, social and governance at Saks, added: "At Saks, we recognize that our day-to-day decisions can have a significant impact on our environment. With our partnership with TerraCycle, we hope to inspire our customers to join us in these initial efforts to reduce waste caused by difficult-to-recycle packaging and keep otherwise non-recyclable plastic packaging out of landfills."