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Social media drives Gen Z shopping habits

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: LTK

LTK, the creator-guided shopping platform, has revealed that influencers are driving the majority of Gen Z’s shopping decisions, with 79 percent stating that their shopping originates from social media.

According to LTK’s latest ‘Gen Z Shopping Study,’ social commerce has a major impact on Gen Z shopping behaviours, both online and in-store, with the report finding that 75 percent make purchases online from creator recommendations, 21 percent higher than the general population, and 77 percent are taking those recommendations in store.

The study found that Gen Z consumers trust creators on social media more than adverts and celebrities. In fact, the findings reveal that creators are 3.5 times more influential to Gen Z consumers than social media ads.

LTK also adds that Gen Z consumers follow creators because of their “authenticity, personality and relatability,” and when asked why they turn to creators for style and shopping recommendations, the top reasons include - authenticity for style and product quality, the discovery of new products and brands and authentic opinions on fit.

When it comes to where they shop, Gen Z consumers prefer brands and retailers that are trendy and budget friendly (63 percent), those with an environmental impact (43 percent), and re-sale companies (33 percent). While the top categories Gen Z is looking to creators to help with recommendations are beauty and personal care, fashion, food, electronics, cleaning supplies and gaming.

LTK’s Gen Z shopper survey and in-store shopper study were conducted in March 2023 among 1,104 participants and 1,079 participants, which it adds was reflective of the US population with 97 percent confidence.

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