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Vivobarefoot reimagines hiking with a new hybrid boot

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Vivobarefoot

Certified B Corp minimalist footwear brand Vivobarefoot has launched a new hybrid hiking boot, the Tracker Decon FG2, designed to offer a sensory experience that connects people to the earth and the outdoors like never before.

The Tracker Decon FG2, available for women and men, aims to offer a seamless transition between urban living and the outdoors, explains Vivobarefoot, with a wide, flexible and foot-shaped design. To ensure maximum grip while also connecting people with nature, feet first, the boots have a 2.5mm thin sole base and 4mm lug height design to enable the wearer to feel more, while the wide design allows for natural stability.

The boots also have a firm outsole that offers multi-terrain traction for enhanced security under-foot. This means those wanting to explore even the rockiest of paths can do so with ease, added Vivobarefoot. The ground sole, made from natural materials, also features an improved all-terrain grip with deeper lugs, intelligent spacing and faster mud shedding.

Image: Vivobarefoot

The hybrid hiking style also has a Woolmark-knitted sock design around the collar for better barefoot feeling, thermal regulation, and anti-odour properties. While wildhide leather, sourced from free-roaming cattle on small-scale farms, has been used on the heel of the shoe for ultimate comfort. The boots are also made from water-resistant and non-absorbent materials with sealed seams to keep feet dry and warm in any weather.

In addition, Vivobarefoot notes that the simpler design makes the boots easier to repair and recycle.

Image: Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot co-founder, Asher Clark, said in a statement: “We didn’t want Tracker Decon FG2 to be a boot, we wanted it to be an unforgettable experience on the foot and for the brain. Normal hiking boots are rigid, heavy, overly cushioned and structured. Unlike a traditional hiking boot, Tracker Decon FG2 is foot-shaped and flexible.

“What makes the Tracker Decon FG2 special is that it’s designed for uninhibited foot mobility – so you can reconnect to nature and feel your next adventure from the ground up. It’s a sensory experience as much as it is a tool for exploring the outdoors and rewilding our souls.”

The Tracker Decon is available in two colourways, Acorn and Obsidian, for 180 pounds from Vivobarefoot’s website.

Image: Vivobarefoot