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Woolrich revives ‘The Woolrich Woman’ with Daniëlle Cathari

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: courtesy of Woolrich; Woolrich by Daniëlle Cathari’s The Woolrich Woman

Outdoor brand Woolrich is reviving its ‘80s label ‘The Woolrich Woman’ with Amsterdam-based designer Daniëlle Cathari, known for her playful subversion and reconstruction of fashion norms. 

Woolrich confirmed that a revival of ‘The Woolrich Woman’ for a new generation would evolve over multiple seasons, with Cathari selected to embed her “distinct perspective into the brand’s fabrics”. Her first collection for the brand will launch on September 24. 

Full details of the debut autumn/winter 2021 collection have not been unveiled, just that it will include outerwear, knitwear and accessories, and that Cathari has infused her deconstructed design philosophy into the new look Woolrich Woman for a progressive and playful revival. 

“It truly is an honour to be given the opportunity to work with such an iconic company,” said Cathari in a statement. “To revive ‘The Woolrich Woman’ is of sentimental and personal value to me; the way I envision this woman is shaped by my own experiences of becoming a woman. How you feel has everything to do with how you dress. I want to design for women to feel comfortable, secure and happy with what they’re wearing, wherever they go and whatever they do.”

Woolrich announces multi-season partnership with Daniëlle Cathari

The former Woolrich line tailored for the everyday modern woman has been out of production for 40 years, explained Woolrich. The revival started with a visit to the outdoor brand’s extensive archives in Bologna, Italy, in October 2020, where Cathari “stumbled upon” an outdated label for The Woolrich Woman while browsing through vintage garments and advertising campaigns. 

Image: courtesy of Woolrich; Woolrich by Daniëlle Cathari’s The Woolrich Woman

Andrea Canè, global creative director of Woolrich, added: “We gave Daniëlle Cathari complete creative freedom to interpret our history. She added her personal signature through a game of deconstruction and reconstruction. 

“In her process of analysing our old catalogs and garments she brought back a label that was introduced in the early 80’s when Woolrich started to develop female outerwear in an historical context. This label expressed the necessity for Woolrich to develop an outdoor lifestyle wardrobe fully dedicated to women.”

As well as taking inspiration from Woolrich’s heritage, the revived Woolrich Woman will also draw upon the Dutch designers own personal trajectory within the fashion industry to turn the label into a “relatable contemporary character, fostering unity among women walking their own independent paths,” stated the brand.

Canè added: “With this first collection, Daniëlle was able to add fun to our integrity – envisioning this ‘everyday woman’, practical and elegant at the same time.”

Woolrich by Daniëlle Cathari’s The Woolrich Woman will launch on September 24 for autumn/winter 2021. 

Danielle Cathari
The Woolrich Woman