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Kering acquires Milan's most expensive real estate

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Milan Credits: Pexels

Luxury powerhouse Kering has made history with its acquisition of via Montenapoleone 8 in Italy, marking the largest single asset transaction ever recorded in the country.

Purchased from Blackstone Property Partners Europe for a staggering 1.3 billion euros, the move underscores the importance for luxury conglomerates to secure prime locations for their flagship stores. The building, spanning five floors with over 11,800 square meters of gross surface area, currently houses brands like Saint Laurent, Prada, and Cova pastry shop, reported Italian news outlet Pambianco.

Kering's investment aligns with its strategy to secure prestigious locations for its fashion brands. The transaction reflects the ongoing trend of luxury giants intensifying their real estate investments, signaling a dynamic shift in the sector's landscape.

The property's prestigious address, along with its sizable commercial space and prominent tenants, adds immense value to Kering's portfolio. The group’s investment aligns with its overarching strategy to maintain a strong presence in prime locations, reflecting the company's commitment to maintaining its position as a leading player in the luxury fashion market. Furthermore, this transaction highlights a broader trend within the industry, where luxury giants are increasingly focusing on real estate investments as a means to enhance brand visibility, customer experience, and long-term growth potential.

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