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Prada buys New York Fifth Avenue store building for 425 million dollars

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Fifth Avenue, New York Credits: Pexels

Prada has completed the purchase of a building on Fifth Avenue for 425 million dollars, a move signaling its transition from leasing the five-story boutique at 724 Fifth Avenue, which it has done since 1997.

The acquisition aligns with Prada's strategic vision to focus on the US market where its sales have been less than robust, emphasising the prime location's increasing scarcity and long-term potential. Notably, Fifth Avenue retains its status as one of the world's most prestigious luxury shopping districts.

The acquired building, which boasts a total of 12 floors, presents opportunities for potential expansion, possibly into office spaces and storage facilities, according to Reuters. By opting to own the retail space, Prada gains full control over the boutique's design, ambiance, and overall atmosphere, ensuring a consistent brand image that resonates with its identity and values.

While the upfront investment in purchasing property is significant, Prada's move provides cost stability over the long term. This contrasts with leasing arrangements susceptible to fluctuations in rental rates based on market conditions or lease renewals.

Prada reportedly made the acquisition in cash.

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