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You may soon need a vaccine passport to shop in France

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

Jul. 13, 2021


Image: Pexels

Shoppers crossing the channel and visiting France may soon need proof of a vaccine in order to enter boutiques and shopping centres.

As the Delta variant threatens a new surge in cases, France’s president Emmanuel Macron on Monday said: “We will bring the weight of new restrictions to those who are not vaccinated.”

From July 21 a green pass following a vaccination or recent negative PCR test will be required to access concerts, theatres and amusement parks. From August, pending legislative approval, the same requirements will be extended to bars, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals and public transport.

Only 52 percent of French citizens have received their first vaccine dose and 35 percent of the country has been fully vaccinated.

In America, some retail stores are working on digital health pass apps that will allow users to show proof of vaccination before entering events and businesses. According to Mercury News, vaccine verification apps could play a key role in lifting restrictions, but privacy and security experts say the upcoming rollout will present a handful of challenges over standards, interoperability, personal data and adoption — from both users and businesses.